Red-breasted Nuthatch

10 Sep

Red-breasted nuthatches, Sitta canadensis, are passing through town, making their presence known with their loud duck-turned-songbird noise. describes this call as a “nasal yank-yank-yank song”, but listen for yourself to deside whether ir sounds like a yank, a quack or a haaak.

These guys are related to the white-breasted nuthatches that spent the winter around my house and the pygmy nuthatches that I encountered in early spring, and are about in between those other two species in size.

Though I have been familiar with these guys for years, and feel confident in my identification more so than many other species (they have a red breast, as the name suggests, and a dark eye stripe), I have yet to be able to get a decent photo of them.  They are quick — always on the move and often upside down — are aren’t very interested in posing.

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