Glacier National Park

07 Aug

I’ve spent so much time writing about species that I’ve recently seen in Glacier National Park, Montana, that the park probably deserves its own blog post before I return to focusing on Southeast Wyoming and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Glacier National Park certainly continues to impress with each visit.  I always think of it as a nice place, but whenever I return–especially when I get deep into the park on a nice hike–it still makes me say, “Wow.”  The peaks are craggy, the lakes brilliant and the wildflowers magnificent.

Look at the colors in the first picture!  This photo was taken from the Ptarmigan Tunnel, a very cool, recently-completed hike.  Throughout the hike up to the 1930s tunnel built through a sheer cliff wall, I was admiring the scenery.  Each gain in elevation brought a new variety of gorgeous flowers.  There were waterfalls, pretty streams, a lovely lake, and then you walk through the tunnel and–BAM–you get that view of Belly Valley.  Pretty awesome.

Ptarmigan tunnel itself is an impressive engineering feat–complete with doors!  They close it for the winter!–that perhaps doesn’t exactly fit into the pristine natural beauty.  I wouldn’t support the creation of something like that today in such a beautiful area, but it gave people jobs during the Depression and is interesting to check out.


The picture of the field of glacier lilies on the right is from a July hike on the Highline trail a few years back.  The scenery was stunning for miles.

And, in my favorite picture, there I am on the edge of a cliff near Pitamakin Pass.  I will keep going back to Glacier for those kinds of moments.


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